60+ Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2018

Running an online business is hard work, and marketing isn’t becoming any less crucial. Every tool you use that makes your life simpler can result in extra money in your pocket.

We’ve looked at over 100 business apps in order to bring you a curated list of the 60 marketing tools most able to help you achieve your business goals in 2018.


Evernote – Sharing notes that you’ve come up while brainstorming solo can help spark ideas in others. Evernote can help you and team members motivate each other without the need for constant meetings.

Asana – Keeping your team members in touch with each other and up-to-date on others’ work progress can decrease problems and increase motivation.

Basecamp – Basecamp can help keep everyone together as a team on marketing campaigns. Knowing which parts need updating, either in location or with fresher content can increase revenue while keeping advertising dollars in check.

Social Media

Reddit – It’s not just for social media, and like other social media platforms, Reddit has business applications that you can use to your advantage. Finding out what people are saying about your industry can help you every day by keeping abreast of current developments and users’ needs. Finding out opinions that are being passed around can also help in product development before other businesses know there’s an opening or a problem.

Dasheroo – Having too many tabs open can slow down any computer, so using an app that can log you into several different sites and let you see what’s going on in each is the perfect way to not only streamline your computer’s performance but to also stay on top of all that media that gets thrown at you. Gone are the days of realizing you forgot to log in into an account somewhere, resulting in potential customers hanging, and leaving.

Moz’s FollowerWonk – Learning everything you can about your followers on Twitter can make your tweets even more relevant to them, increasing your reputation as an expert and a leader in your industry.

Slideshare – Not often seen as a business app, but uploading files and marketing tools here can cause them to rank well in search engines and thus drive you leads.

Socedo – Locating and attracting well-matched potential customers to your website is easy with this app. Socedo takes the pain out of utilizing social media and makes it easy to communicate what your business has to offer.

Storify – Locate, gather and then share what others are saying, helping increase your level of authority in your field. People want to buy from those who know, so increasing this aspect is a sure way to increase sales.

Tweepi – Cleaning up your Twitter account by eliminating those who don’t follow you back is a great way to reduce spam and increase the number of relevant tweets you see.

Quuu – Quuu, like Buzzsumo, recommends relevant, timely content for you to share on social media that your audience will love.


SEMRush – Everyone has competition, and knowing how they are ranking, and what they are doing to get customers, can help you increase your customer base quickly. SEMRush gets the data in a usable format to you.

Google Keyword Planner – A free tool, this can give you insight on everything, including search volume to keywords used on your website. Going to the search engine itself is a no-brainer for getting real data fast.

WordStream’s Keyword Tool – Google’s Keyword Planner doesn’t always show you which keywords and phrases are competitive, but this tool does. Increase your ranking by knowing which ones people are searching for the most.

Yoast – Users of WordPress content management system will love this plugin. Gain extra info pertinent to your new web pages’ SEO needs to maximize your entire site’s ranking.

OnCrawl – Increase your search engine placement by knowing where you need to tweak your content. OnCrawl can help you analyze current web pages so you know what is helping your position, and what needs to be sacked.

Google Analytics – Being able to tweak your site so it matches the needs of the demographics popping into your site can increase revenue super fast. And it’s free!

iSpionage – Spying isn’t just for government agencies anymore. Find out what your competitors are up to and improve your users’ experience.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool – Keep Google penalties at bay with this tool that helps keep your site from becoming over-optimized.

MozLocal – Local businesses can really benefit from this app. Keeping local is also important, even when branching out into the greater arena of business.

Open Site Explorer – Creating a high-quality inbound link profile should be an ongoing project. This should be constantly updated and needs to be something that can be utilized in your web presence’s development.

Linkstant – Google provides info on where your visitors are coming from on the Web, but it can take a while to produce these reports. Linkstant is much more productive time-wise, which can seriously improve your visitors’ experience on your site.


NewsCred – With increased engagement, you’ll find higher sales. But to do this, you need more posts that are more relevant and higher in quality. NewsCred makes this task simpler.

Skyword – Save a bundle of time with Skyword. This tool helps produce content faster, from the idea stage through all the steps, to publishing. What used to take several hours just for one post can now be used to produce several different pieces of content.

Help a Reporter Out – Backlinks, good press, and info on the competition are all rolled into one at Help a Reporter Out. Commonly called HARO, this tool can help you increase your visibility quickly and reach clients that otherwise might not have been within your reach.

BuzzSumo – Ideas on what content is most relevant to your client base can help you increase sales. BuzzSumo helps with exactly that, increasing the relevancy of your posts, and this can also increase your page ranking on SERPs.

Google Drive – This free app can be used to share documents, presentations, images and almost any other type of content with not only your team but also with your clients. Privacy levels are easily set up.

Kapost – This content marketing software is easy to use, even for beginners. Increase the amount of traffic landing on your site quickly and easily.

Marketing (Email, Automation, etc.)

Drip – Drip is blowing up all over the web, because it’s the best way to automate email marketing. If you have multiple funnels or customer groups or want to make trigger-base sending easy, check out Drip. It’s the modern, affordable alternative to Infusionsoft and other programs that cost thousands of dollars per month.

Cision – One of the best PR software solutions available, Cision is excellent at list building, monitoring the media, and making sure you can acknowledge real news while dispelling rumors whenever they pop up.

KISSmetrics – Your marketing plan should utilize behavior driven data, and KISSmetrics can get that data for you. Be in the know about how visitors to your website act on each individual page.

Optimizely – If you haven’t tried A/B testing, now is the time to start. Optimizely can help you see which pages on your site perform the best, and increase your site’s overall performance.

Wootric – Gone are the days of brand loyalty, but you can still increase your customers’ loyalty to you with this tool. This social marketing tool helps you understand what your customers want, and being able to deliver keeps them happy, and loyal.

IFTTT – Automating your marketing procedures just reached another level. This can help you change different processes, and enable you to find the perfect combination of tactics and elements to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Google Alerts – Knowing when you or a competitor lands a headline can help you respond quickly and easily. Punctuality can help keep rumors at bay, and facts high on everyone’s mind.

Salesforce – A customer relationship management (CRM) solution that is just as much for marketing as it is for sales. A strong combination of the two helps you attain levels your business has never reached before.

Campaign Monitor – Marketing through email is one way to retain customers and increase your desirability with potential ones. Campaign Monitor can help you tweak your email campaigns to perfection.

Hubspot – Automating social interactions is an important aspect of maintaining your social media presence. Don’t ever get caught ‘ignoring’ a crowd again.

Act-on – The simplest automation system for marketing, and it can make you look and feel like a genius. Keep on track, and deliver content as needed.

Pardot – An excellent B2B marketing automation app that combines projects from both your sales teams and your marketing department. If they aren’t working together, this app will get them together, easy as pie.

Toutapp – Find out which email campaign templates are generating the most number of leads, and increase your revenue.

Marketo – Big business? Little one? Brand new, or established years ago? Any type of business, size, age, or complexity, or lack of it, can benefit from this super-easy-to-use app. Automate different aspects of your business and get more time for yourself.

Aweber – An established service that only gets better is Aweber. Marketing email campaigns are easily constructed, maintained, and also tracked, providing results and info that you can use with other campaigns.

SendGrid – Not just for marketing, but also for sales and services confirmation emails. Keep everything on one platform and better serve, and retain, current and newer customers.

Contactually – Potential customers have a habit of getting lost in the shuffle. Using this tool can help you keep track of who’s who and especially who needs a reply to their email or another type of contact.

Movable Ink – Creating an adaptable email campaign is what many businesses dream about. Find out what your audience wants, and get it to them!

MailChimp – A lot like Aweber, but better for those who also want to send out newsletters, too. You can do both, and get feedback, as well, with this program.

Ahrefs – Keeping track of your site’s backlinks, SEO results, social media mentions of your brands and products, on top of what is up with your competitors can be completed with Ahrefs.