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Austin Wiebe, Xperitas

I love using Tinycc! It allows us to create branded short URLs at a very affordable price. The customer service is excellent and so is the feature set. They were even able to add a new feature upon our request!

Richard Buman, HyVee

After researching many options over the last several weeks, today I created a Tinycc account. I am working out plans to implement your Custom URL Shortener into our store's e-marketing campaigns. I'm really excited about the possibilities for us with Tinycc!

Why rebrand your links?

Always a good investment when clicks go up
Give visitors confidence via higher transparency
Brand building as your links circulate around the web
Your audience sees you as professional and trustworthy
Low cost way to have a custom domain like the big brands
  • Domain hacks use top-level extensions to reduce the number of characters (redd.it, itun.es, pep.si)
  • Remove vowels to shorten your company name and increase chances of finding an available domain (amzn.to, yhoo.it, mnstr.me, phtshp.us)
  • Use initials in place of words for a short recognizable name (facebook--fb.me, McDonalds--mcd.to, J.C. Penney--jcp.is)
  • Common abbreviations or even numbers used in place of words (State Farm--st8.fm, Weather Channel--wxch.nl, Fiverr--5rr.it)
  • Proxy names are product names, words from your industry, slogans or slang (Netflix--movi.es, BandPage--listn.to, WTVD-TV--abc11.tv)
  • IDNs contain special characters. Increase your chances of registering either a domain that is very short or one that perfectly fits your brand (tì.cc)

Use Custom Domains As Tinycc URLs

Branded domains
You would never launch a TV commercial, YouTube video, online ad or press release without your brand being all over it. Why waste an opportunity and share URLs without your brand name in them?
User-friendly links
What if your links are used in print or spoken form? People often confuse certain letters with numbers, as well as struggle with capital letters. Tinycc specializes in mistake proof links that work in real life situations.
Link editing
Real-time link editing takes the risk out of publishing. Publish now and change where it points later. Update a default destination even if campaign is already live. Short or long URL can be modified anytime.
Custom URL slugs
Put an end to "customized link is already taken" messages. Tinycc has private hash space - so you aren't limited by any other users. This lets you optimize your links with a custom keyword and increase CTR.

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