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Why rebrand your links?

Always a good investment when clicks go up
Give visitors confidence via higher transparency
Brand building as your links circulate around the web
Your audience sees you as professional and trustworthy
Low cost way to have a custom domain like the big brands
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A branded URL is a short link that contains a custom or branded domain. It uses your domain instead of ours. You own the domain, which means short links can show your name, brand, website or any other keyword.

Our interface is designed to manage multiple custom domains. And an onboard DNS troubleshooting tool gets your domain quickly up and running.

This is a list of all your links - inside of a toolbox. Versatile tools for data porting. Fine grained control over importing and exporting URLs. And the generation of Excel ready reports.

Organize campaigns by name, date, function, etc. Edit links, view stats, fetch single QR codes or download multiple QR codes at a time.

Our short links make a more flexible delivery vehicle for ad pixels than do static websites. A potential customer clicks your normal looking short link. They continue surfing the web. Your ad stays in front of them as they browse other websites.

This increased exposure to your ad means 70% more likely to convert. Or depending on your strategy, they can just be added to your remarketing lists for future campaigns.

Monitor what people are saying about your brand and measure trends with number of times your brand is mentioned. Compare popularity across different social media platforms. Then understand how your brand is talked about by examining the actual post.

Search mentions using important keywords or monitor only specific short links.

A log of all short links that are broken, not found or for any reason did not redirect to their destinations. These errors are normally under the radar and not detected by Google Anaytics.

Gain insight on the what, when, where and why of it. Then fix the cause before they impact your campaigns.

Uptime of the pages you link to. If destination page become unreachable an email alert is triggered. Rescue campaigns and never be blind sided by websites you link to.

Save your users from seeing 404 Page Not Found errors. Detailed diagnostic reports of reasons for broken landing pages.

Branded domains
You would never launch a TV commercial, YouTube video, online ad or press release without your brand being all over it. Why waste an opportunity and share URLs without your brand name in them?
User-friendly links
What if your links are used in print or spoken form? People often confuse certain letters with numbers, as well as struggle with capital letters. Tinycc specializes in mistake proof links that work in real life situations.
Link editing
Real-time link editing takes the risk out of publishing. Publish now and change where it points later. Update a default destination even if campaign is already live. Short or long URL can be modified anytime.
Custom URL slugs
Put an end to "customized link is already taken" messages. Tinycc has private hash space - so you aren't limited by any other users. This lets you optimize your links with a custom keyword and increase CTR.

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