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High Volume

Do you need a URL Shortener to blast your messages to users or prospects? A shorter URL reduces the costs of sending SMS texts. Typically your CRM generates a URL that is sent to a lead base of customers. Our platform is optimized for this kind of application and shines even if you have a distributed system of independent servers calling our single shortening endpoint.

Data Security

Designed to protect your data & keep your content secure. All platforms include firewalling to stop common web exploits or security attacks. Click stats can never be viewed by your competitors. Only verified users are allowed to see performance metrics. Strict permission roles enforced for multi-user accounts.

99.9% Uptime

Ensuring your campaigns never go offline. High performance enterprise grade cloud service with dedicated IP addresses. Verisign premium DNS for globally distributed redundancy. Tinycc removes your tech barriers so you can concentrate on running your business or expanding your applications.

Technology & Infrastructure

Fast • Accurate • Reliable • Scalable

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Redirect speed is everything in this business and we're FAST

Offering multiple data centers worldwide. Servers on the doorstep of your main audience for reduced latency.
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Leveraging 15 years of experience

We're not a startup and not the trendiest URL Shortener out there. Our custom software was crafted over years of working in the trenches of the URL shortening industry. With a focus on building reliable features that add value to your business.

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