Tiny CC: Feature-rich URL Management Tool

Making simple - sharable URLs is the core of Tinycc. But,
just below each short link is a gold rich vein of opportunity.
Did you know the same link can...
Promote your brand at every click. Gather deep audience insights (and save to your Google Analytics). Segment customers and send to different landing pages. Add each visitor to your retargeting pools. Monetize short links by including your banner ads in redirects. Configure short links to automatically open inside your app, and more.


Invite people to manage links and team up on campaigns, with account functions that are based on tiered access roles. This means workflow can be neatly divided using permission levels. Collaborate with co-workers and clients while easily keeping all of their domains, tags and links separate.

White label

Add your logo & colors to personalize the dashboard. Present a positive, credible picture of your company to employees, clients and other guest users. Your customers will receive email notifications, with no Tinycc branding anywhere. Even customize the service name and email footer message.


Remarketing used to be restricted to places you own, like a web page or blog. Embeding tracking pixels in short links offers a completely new opportunity. Anyone that clicks your links are added to your retargeting list. Retargeting Ads have a 10X higher click through and are 70% more likely to convert. Increase your ads campaign CTR and decrease your CPC.

App links

If your company has an app, then you know about connecting your website with your app. Now connect your Tinycc Pro account to your app in seconds. (Universal links, Deep links, Digital Asset Links made simple). No longer limited to a website, our short links offer a new opportunity to further promote your app and your brand... all behind the scenes, with one setting. Works for both iOS and Android apps.

Video Tutorials


Integration with Google Analytics


  • Short Link Subdirectory Forwarding

  • Short Link URL Concatenation

  • Short Link Query String Parameters

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Tags and Folders: Tag Queries

  • Tags and Folders: Complex Tag Queries

  • Data Export

  • Data Import

  • Smart Links: Country

  • Interstitial landing pages

  • Smart Link: Clicks Count

  • Update Account Profile

Folders and tags
Keeping track of which links are used for what campaigns can get tricky when managing lots of projects. Use our tag and folder system to neatly sort by campaign, name, date and more. With the flexibility to move or re-label anything at any time.
City level tracking
For use cases where you need to resolve visitor location. Our click geolocation is granular enough to drill down short link traffic to the level of cities... country / region / city. Other tracking services usually map visitor hits to the country level only.
Webhooks API
Want to build your own tools and workflows? We have a REST API and also a webhooks API. These can be used to notify third-party servers about events in your account. Webhooks attach to a domains, tags or individual URLs.
Bulk operations
Process multiple URLs in one-shot. With a batch API method. Or a copy-paste bulk shorten method. Or with CSV / XML formats to... Upload URLs or Export URLs. For anytime you need portability and a quick way to sync with other apps.
Audit logs
Have clients or employees managing URLs? At some point you might want to see the trail of activities inside your account: logins, updates, status changes, limits, errors, warnings and more. Then effortlessly stay on top of these events using RSS feeds.
Click error reports
If you knew about visitor errors you could fix them before they impacted your campaigns. Discover exactly what, when and where they came from. Metrics that Google Anaytics can't provide - because they lack the context to sniff out short link errors.
Exclusion filter
Is internal traffic skewing your click stats? Now you can subtract the clicks that comes from your organization. Safely make test clicks or otherwise visit short links and have your home or work IP addresses filtered and ignored.
Custom reports
Generate a short links report... that opens directly in Excel. Tailor the report to include the exact data your boss asked for - lets you mix and match from eleven different URL parameters. Options to query account by dates or by tags.
Personalized 404 pages
Choose the page your visitors see when there is a dead link or when a user enters it incorrectly. Can also choose a personal home page for redirects involving just the root of your custom domain - or when missing the URL extension.
Bluetooth beacons
Short URLs for Eddystone proximity marketing? Our system integrates with Google Nearby service and Analytics to accurately pass user clicks. Kill two birds with one stone and employ a remarketing strategy using the same short links.
HTTPS for short links
We'll install and manage SSL certificates for your custom shortening domain - at no extra charge. Added confidence or for compliance, and https short links are needed with proximity marketing and referral data in Analytics.
Add landing pages to your short links. We make it easy to loop a customized interstitial page into any of your redirects.
Banner Ads
Monetize your short links. Banner ads embeded directly on interstitial pages with custom countdown timer.

See impact of your brand's social media mentions

Use the social media monitoring dashboard to understand how your brand is talked about online and to fine tune your strategy. Segment by social platform, time-frame or specific links.

Alerts for brand monitoring events make it easy to prioritize your efforts and protect your company image.

Stay organized and save time

More than a Custom URL Shortener! Whether you infrequently add new links
or manage a team to run multiple campaigns. The dashboard is tidy, quick
and easy to navigate. Folders & tags keep even the big, complex campaigns
perfectly organized. Have Excel-ready, custom reports straight from your
dashboard in seconds. Innovative import & export tools lets you migrate
links into or out of our platform anytime and without restrictions.

More than 100 features


  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Responsive targeting by: country, language, device type, browser, number of clicks, number of Unique visits
  • Schedule targets by: date, time of day, URL slug
  • Structure: custom, sequential, random (settable length)
  • Private hash space with no outside limitations
  • Error resistant short links (transcribe friendly)
  • Override referrer option
  • Custom HTTP redirect status codes
  • Search engine friendly and URL edit friendly
  • Maximum redirect reliability
  • Short link SSL (http/https)
  • IP exclusion filter
  • Pass parameters to destination
  • Subdirectory forwarding
  • Remarketing (retargeting)
  • Redirect preview pages
  • Facebook referral tags
  • Short links with personal interstitial pages: landing content or banner ads.


  • build your own tools and workflows
  • Connect our system to yours
  • Full featured endpoints
  • Detailed documentation
  • Client libraries
  • Sandbox console with pre-programmed examples
  • API call chart
  • API key manager
  • Engineering support


  • 100% private click stats requires user login to view
  • Link creation date
  • Total clicks
  • Unique clicks
  • New clicks indicator
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Referring websites
  • Comprehensive stats with flexible filters: (domains, users, tags)
  • Merge with Google Analytics
  • Daily clicks report
  • Your brand mentioned on social media


  • Manage multiple users
  • Granular action based authorization policies
  • White label: use your logo and your own color scheme. White labeling applied to sub-accounts (satellites)
  • User organization codes
  • 4 default filters
  • Global search
  • Social login options
  • PayPal or Stripe checkout
  • Upgrade downgrade anytime
  • VAT invoices
  • Service level agreements


  • Tag your links
  • Organize using folders
  • sticky notes & reminders
  • Short branded URLs
  • Custom URL keywords
  • Bulk shorten
  • Edit links at anytime
  • Auto delete: dates or clicks
  • Robust link import tool
  • Export URLs: 9 data point options, 3 format options
  • URL archiving
  • Zero clicks filter
  • Excel report generator: by date ranges or campaign tags


  • Custom domain URL shortener
  • Manage multiple domains
  • Free subdomains included
  • Full support for custom domains that use IDN (special characters)
  • Use your own domain
  • DNS troubleshooting and propagation status tool


  • Custom URL Shortener with QR codes (150px resolution, 500px resolution)
  • Error correction levels: L (7%), Q (25%), H (30%)
  • Landing page can be edited anytime.
  • Browser bookmarklet
  • 1 click link publish (to 100+ social media)


  • 404 broken links
  • Link health
  • URL limits bar
  • API limits bar
  • Social media mentions: trend chart, 16 source point filter, 3 time frames, what is being said, top results, keyword search
  • Audit logs


  • Timezone
  • Reset click stats
  • Global URLs delete
  • Hash character set: (base32, base36, base62)
  • Hash type options
  • Hash length options
  • Override referrer: does not pass referrer, uses intermediate page with custom html header, X-Robots-Tag passing
  • HTTP status codes: (301, 302, 303, 307)
  • Google Analytics ID
  • Domain access roles
  • Custom root domain URL
  • Custom 404 URL
  • Email addresses for alerts


  • Stats sent to your email daily
  • Alerts when landing URLs become unreachable
  • RSS for audit log events
  • Alerts for brand monitoring events
  • Domain hacks include top-level extensions to reduce the number of characters (redd.it, itun.es, pep.si)
  • Remove vowels to shorten your company name and increase chances of finding an available domain (amzn.to, yhoo.it, mnstr.me, phtshp.us)
  • Use initials in place of words for a short recognizable name (facebook--fb.me, McDonalds--mcd.to, J.C. Penney--jcp.is)
  • Common abbreviations or even numbers used in place of words (State Farm--st8.fm, Weather Channel--wxch.nl, Fiverr--5rr.it)
  • Proxy names are product names, words from your industry, slogans or slang (Netflix--movi.es, BandPage--listn.to, WTVD-TV--abc11.tv)
  • IDNs contain special characters. Increase your chances of registering either a domain that is very short or one that perfectly fits your brand (tì.cc)

Use Custom Domains As Tinycc URLs

Hook up your Google Analytics
in 1 simple step

Chances are you already use Google Analytics on your website to measure what's working and what's not. Now you can merge it with Tinycc and analyze branded short link activity right inside your Google Analytics account. Then use the API for custom displays, automate complex reporting tasks and share data into other business applications.

Is the domain you want for short
links already taken?

Tinycc supports accented or special characters in custom domains. This opens a whole new universe of registration possibilities. Increase your chances of registering either a domain that is very short or one that perfectly fits your brand. e.g. using an accented "i" can get you a variation of a domain otherwise unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Start getting the most out of your links

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