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About Tinycc

Link Shortening Matters to Us

While most people simply click links, we scrutinize them. How they're constructed, encoded, their keywords, slugs or hashes, and the domains they redirect are all things we obsess about. Yes, we are link geeks — but what do you expect from a URL management company that shortens over 10 million links per month?
Whether you're a marketer, scientist, vendor, educator or someone in between, we know that what happens behind the scenes — although completely thrilling to us — should remain unseen. You trust us to orchestrate whatever needs to happen when your audience clicks your shortened URLs. And we've been earning that trust since we first started shortening your links in 2006.

Alex Moseson Ph.D., Drexel

You rock! I use Tinycc for government events, and its flexibility and reliability make it the perfect choice.

Brian Call, Corporate Systems Administrator

When Google short links under our domain suddenly died and we needed an immediate, affordable replacement, Tinycc was our solution. Paying for something like bitly wasn't in the cards. So I am very happy your service exists.

Austin Wiebe, Xperitas

I love using Tinycc! It allows us to create branded short URLs at a very affordable price. The customer service is excellent and so is the feature set. They were even able to add a new feature upon our request!
Things were simpler back then. You may recall the predominance of shortened links on the .ly domain (which most people and many government agencies didn't realize was Libya's top-level domain). Over the years, the way we collectively use and share links has drastically changed.
You asked for more features and we listened. With your feedback, our link shortening service has grown to cover everything you could possible imagine in a link-driven Internet: brandable URLs, private click stats, custom hash keywords, QR codes, broken links monitoring, custom 404s, SEO juice, custom domains and better click-through rates, remarketing, real-time link editing, and more.

And since 2015, we expanded our platform and API to allow our enterprise clients more power and versatility in creating and managing their large volume of links.

Your ongoing feedback has made us stronger and continues to fuel our desire to help you thrive. We appreciate that and in turn have kept our end of the bargain by focusing on quality, flexibility, rapid innovations and reliability you can trust like an old friend who's always there for you (with a 99.95 % uptime track record). Creating value for you continues to be our main focus. We proudly provide the best URL shortening and branding service at the best price.

Let's Talk Links

Got a burning question about link shortening services? We'd love to talk. Want to know if we can custom-build a special feature? Chances are we're already working on it, but do get in touch.

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Tinycc by the Numbers

130,669,400 URLs shortened
279,280 Brands served
14,700 Schools Served
2,940 Government Agencies
99.95% Uptime