What is a 404 report?


When you see '404,' it means you've landed on a page by error. This often happens when visitors follow short links that don't exist. A 404 report covers the last 90 days and is a comprehensive tool that lists all the 'not found' instances of short links in your account. In short, it provides a thorough overview of the errors, giving you confidence in the system's ability to track and report diversions that can be costly. Reasons for generated 404 instances include:

  • Typos involving case-sensitive short hashes
  • Situations where users enter the link manually.
  • Expired link issues
  • Updated links obstructing visitors following the old one (i.e., edit items).
  • Bots fishing for pages by trying various non-existent link names.

  • Login to your account and go to: Click Errors.