Branded domains and branded URLs

A branded URL is a short link that contains a custom or branded domain. Example of a short link using a generic domain:

Short links with generic domains can be made by anyone. Replacing with a personal domain makes the short link "private" because only you or (or your users) can create short links containing an exclusive domain.

Simple set-up for custom domains on our service

  1. Find & buy a domain.
  2. Tell us the domain you will use.
  3. Set DNS of your domain to connect with our service.

NOTE: The domain you use for short URLs must be dedicated to that single purpose only. It can't be both your website domain and used for short links at the same time.

However, you can use a subdomain of your website for short URLs. The root domain to your website is for example. This means the root domain is tied up and unavailable for short URLs. But a subdomain such as can be created and used for short URLs. It doesn't need to be "s" it can be any single character or combination of characters.

Quick summary of how domain/subdomain would work:
• Website =
• Short URLs =