What is a custom short hash and what is a custom URL?

Short URLs = custom domain + short hash (myshortdomain.com/obza4). Short hashes can be random or custom. A custom URL contains a custom short hash. If nothing is entered into customurl box, the default short URL will be generated with random characters. But you have the option of entering chosen characters or a keyword into this box to give the URL an alias or nickname (alpha-numeric characters, underscores, and dashes are allowed). Example, you are shortening a news article link and to make it easy to remember you enter "BBCnews" into the customurl box after pasting the long news article address into the box next to it. The URL that results is http://tiny.cc/BBCnews. The short hash in this example is "BBCnews"

• Custom URLs are case-sensitive - if you make it with capital letters it must be used with capitals. The exception to this is when your account is configured to use non-case sensitive URLs (Settings > Account Settings > Redirects). The setting differences (case sensitive vs non-case sensitive) is what is meant by case sensitive switching If you duplicate a custom URL (using same characters, but with case differences only) and it doesn't work; it may be due to earlier link testing that you did with your browser. See browser cache details under Edit Links.

• Short hashes are private with all of our premium services. This means you never need to worry about hash availability in custom URLs! Custom URLs on the tiny.cc (free) site are on a first come basis. That means you can use a short hash only if it has not already been taken by another user.