How to run a clicks report for Excel?

Excel clicks report includes: date, short URL, long URL, note, total clicks, unique clicks and is limited to a maximum of 10,000 rows of URLs - chosen using date range or tag query. Data in this report can extend out to a maximum of 90 days (clicks/date default is last 90 days).

Data is organized in a standard row x column matrix.

  1. Login to your account and click Manage button.
  2. Click Reports button in upper right corner of link list.
  3. Generate report by setting Start and End dates then click Export. Or
  4. Generate report by entering tag(s) query then click Export.

Presence or absence of tags indicated with prefix "+" and "~" respectively.

Examples below are not encoded (for readability):

+banana&+boxed - query all URLs, that have both "banana" and "boxed" tags attached. +banana&~boxed - query all URLs, that have "banana" tag and doesn't have "boxed" tag attached. +banana|+boxed - query all URLs, that have "banana" tag or "boxed" tag attached. (+banana|+boxed)&(+fresh|~premium) - query all URLs, that have: 1) "banana" tag or "boxed" tag attached; and also have 2) "fresh" tag attached or doesn't have "premium" tag.

"+" prefix may be omitted (it is considered by default)

For AND operator you can use different symbols: &, comma, semicolon. For XOR operator you can use: ^