How to use interstitial landing pages?

URL interstitials, landing pages and banner ads.

An Interstitial is a midway stopping points in the URL redirect (short URL > interstitial landing page > destination URL)
Typically an interstitial page is used for marketing purposes. Various branding or banner ads can be placed on this page and visitor cannot click to continue until count down timer has finished. It can also be used to send any kind of message or notification to your short link users, as the interstitial will have their undivided attention during the timer count down.

Youtube tutorial about using interstitials

Compatibility of Redirect Features

All of these redirect features can be used in any combination and at the same time except for Custom HTTP status codes which can not be used concurrently with any of the other features.

Landing page failing to appear, even though you correctly setup an Interstitial URL ( for example)?

For security reasons, many sites instruct browsers, to not display their site in an iframe and use HTTP headers to achieve this:

x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN or X-Frame-Options: DENY