Set-up DNS for your custom domain?

Point your personal domain or subdomain to IP-address:

This involves creating or editing an A-record from your domain registrar dashboard. The Domain Name System (DNS) is what connects a domain to a website. Your custom domain needs to connect to Tinycc services at

The exact procedure for updating host records varies from registrar to registrar, but here is a general outline:

  1. Login to your domain registrar account and pick domain to modify.
  2. Find registrar's method for managing DNS entries. The terminology will be like: "Host Record," "DNS Record," "Advanced DNS," "DNS Configuration," "Total DNS," "DNS Zone."
  3. Add a new record if none exists or edit an existing record.

The completed DNS modification form might include this info

Record Type: A Record
Host: @
IP Address:
TTL: 30 minutes

And final step is a little patience.

Your shortening domain will usually be ready to use within an hour, but understand that there is a DNS "propagation delay" that depends on various factors. It could take 12 hrs or even up to 48 hrs. Servers around the world cache a copy of DNS records for a period of time. You can Check DNS for traffic shift after making host changes. Enter your domain on that site and confirm that all servers are resolving to IP-address: