APIv3 Documentation


Custom Domain Branded URL Shortener API v3 follows the REST API concept.

API root URL: https://tinycc.com/tiny/api/3/

Both HTTPS and HTTP supported. But HTTPS recommended.

If you have problem using PATCH HTTP method, we support method override for POST calls via X-HTTP-Method-Override header.

Recommended encoding for request's payload - "application/json".
However "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and "multipart/form-data" are also supported for POST requests. If you want to make PATCH (or other non POST) request with encoding other then "application/json", you should use POST method and set X-HTTP-Method-Override header.

GET-parameters should be "percent-encoded".

Responses always encoded with "application/json".

All date-time values in API are in UTC±00:00.

Inactive accounts can't access API. They will get error 1217.

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